Reason Why You Need An Accountability Coach

accountability Apr 19, 2021
Online Accountability Coaching

Michael Jordan had a coach, David Beckham had a coach, Serena Williams has a coach. All the top athletes enlist someone else’s service to mentor them, coach them, support them, and hold them accountable. More and more, we see the world’s best entrepreneurs doing the same thing by grabbing hold of an accountability coach and transforming their ideas into massive results. Accountability is an unstoppable tool. 


Why is accountability so powerful?

Accountability has the science to support the claim of being the best tool for improving human behaviour. Psychological, economic and sociological studies all point to its tremendous power. 


What is sabotaging your accountability?

With the advances in technology, the ability to start your own business and go it alone has never been more effortless. You can create millions, working in the comfort of your own home or on some beach holiday 24/7. However, it doesn’t take a productivity coach to realise that we live in an age of endless opportunity and distraction. YouTube, Netflix, Tik Tok, dating apps, and TV make it much harder to stay focused than ever before. It’s this distraction and lack of focus that is the current downfall hindering productivity. 

The same technology that is empowering us to work and create value also makes us lonely and lazy. The theme is becoming familiar with remote tech workers and entrepreneurs falling victim to an accountability crisis. While technology gives them the independence to work solo, they find themselves in an accountability vacuum in desperate need of human interaction and an accountability coach. 


Why accountability is the secret to success

Neuroscience proves that accountability is the ultimate performance booster. Human beings are social creatures, driven to interpret the world based on the energy of those around us. We thrive through developing strong bonds of genuine communication channels and working in teams. Our relationship with those around us is crucial to our mental health and plays a significant role in holding ourselves accountable. I would go as far as to say that humans need other humans to be successful. We are wired that way. 

You see it time and time again with mega-successful entrepreneurs – who surround themselves with an empowering support team of investors, staff, and an accountability coach to get things done.  

It’s hard and mentally draining to push yourself constantly. Having the help of an online accountability coach, mentor or friend makes things easier. All you need to do is show up, be the best you, and that external force will help motivate you to get things done. 


How a habit coach can help you

With the acknowledgement that accountability is the secret weapon used by executives and top entrepreneurs, it makes sense to have this part of your daily life. Barking About Action is an online accountability coach determined to help people be their best selves. We know the mental fatigue and lack of motivation that often comes with life and business – and we have the tools and methods to prevent it. If you are interested in learning more, then reach out today. 

Get the coaching that you need to achieve the motivation you have been dreaming of.


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