Meet Your Personal Accountability Coach

Tick Things Off Your To-Do List, Supercharge Your Productivity, Forget Excuses Once And For All!

One-On-One Habit Coaching To Train Your Motivational Muscle

Online Accountability Coaching That Puts You First!

Video Call Accountability Coaching

Weekly Video Calls

Meet your personal coach once a week in a Zoom video meeting. Discuss your progress, assess accomplishments and slip-ups, and get professional support to keep moving closer towards your productivity goals.

Online Coaching Platform

Join our online coaching platform to share your activity, track your goals, and review habits. Observe your progress and aim for a heightening productivity growth curve every week.

Invaluable Resources

Gain access to valuable resources that help grow productivity - enjoy a library of worksheets, meditations, and powerful affirmations that get you one step closer to achieving your accountability objectives.

Experienced Guidance

Get guidance from one of our team's expert coaches holding years of accountability coaching experience in different cultures around the world.


"These guys are absolutely fabulous! My coach is so friendly, and working with him is a a fantastic blend of compassion and a kick up the bum. I've got so much done within such a short time of working with him and our weekly check ins are invaluable. If you're looking for a friendly, compassionate and honest coach who's happy to say it like it is and encourage you to do the things you say you want to do, you won't be disappointed!"

Meg K.
Female Entrepreneur, Podcaster and Coach


"Barking About Action has helped me to achieve my goals and improve my productivity. Their professional service, supportive and engaging demeanour were huge assets. Would highly recommend!!"

Michael E.

Weekly Accountability Coaching

Begin your journey to a more successful, productive and motivated you using our exclusive 12-Week framework.


Establish And Maintain Sustainable Positive Habits

Our one-on-one accountability coaching program is geared towards helping people achieve their maximum productivity potential through instilling accountability, setting up coherent action plans, and tracking their progress.

Our team of expert coaches has helped hundreds of people worldwide to reach their goals and gain complete control of their habits. Whether you're looking for support and motivation on a specific project or require guidance to become more efficient in your everyday life, we're here to answer your call and lead you on the path to success.

We've helped with:

  • Completing Overdue Projects
  • Early Rising
  • Reaching Fitness Goals
  • Studying
  • Losing Weight Through Exercise And Nutrition
  • Scheduling And Planning
  • Launching Businesses
  • Completing House Chores
  • Maintaining Social Responsibilities
  • And More.

Professional Coaches

Unlike some other services, we want you to choose your own coach that best matches your personality and goals.


Knock Your Bad Habits Out Of The Park

Not only do we focus on setting up positive habits and working on maintaining them, but we also aim to help our clients kick undesired traits, manners, or addictions. Get expert support and increase the stimulus to conquer unwanted habits with your personal accountability coach.

Whether you've tried to overcome these traits for years without success or just decided that it's time for a change, our expert coaches will make sure you achieve your goals and never look back.

We've helped with:

  • Quitting Smoking
  • Reducing Screen Time
  • Maintaining Punctuality
  • Avoiding Pornography
  • Beating Procrastination
  • And More.

Master Your Productivity

We know how easy it is to skip a step and make excuses to yourself, but it's not so easy when someone else is keeping you accountable! Pair up with a personal accountability coach and lay down a strong foundation of productivity that gets you in the habit of doing.

Embark on the journey of accountability coaching - set up a plan, stick to it, and achieve (or even exceed!) your goals.

Take The First Step Towards The New Productive You


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Monthly Hour Long Reviews

Every month we will have an hour long video call with you to review your progress. We do this to make sure that you're staying on track with your plan. It's also an opportunity for us to reset any goals or add new ones.

Weekly Check-Ins

In between the monthly calls we will have weekly video calls that last for around 20-minutes. This allows us to review your previous week and make a plan for the week ahead.

SMS/Email Reminders

If you know that you need some 'prompting' between our calls we can set up some SMS and Email reminders to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Weekly Worksheets

To prepare for you weekly meeting with your accountability coach you will receive a short worksheet to complete. This helps you review your previous week and make a plan for the week ahead.


"I was looking for an Accountability Coach and what I found was so much more. Now I have purpose each week, I'm getting projects done and achieving my habits. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking to, as they put it, get shit done."

Edward K.


"I had no idea just how much I would learn about structuring and planning my time. Accountability has been a hard barrier to taking control of my business, rather than being swept along with the current, and I don’t think there’s anyone better to help you take that crucial step when you’re ready. Highly recommended."

Jessa G.

Feeling Overwhelmed By Inaction?

We will help you break through your procrastination with our exclusive 12-Week framework. The first thing we will do is create a workable plan with you, not for you. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Payments and Membership

Because we all know this is one of the things you're thinking about, right?

Appointments and Calls

We are all about making it simple and a cornerstone of your week.

Weekly Accountability Coaching

150 Euro

Per Month

  • Onboarding call
  • Quarterly planning call (1 hour)
  • Monthly review calls (1 hour)
  • Weekly 20-minute check-ins
  • One on one video calls
  • Structured process
  • Exclusive workbooks
  • Own personal tracking platform

Online Accountability Coaching

Perfect if you need help planning and want something structured and comprehensive.

If you want to achieve some key goals like losing weight, achieving sales goals or any other ‘trackable’ metric then this is the accountability coaching program for you.

You get access to our exclusive Coaching Software that will help you stay on track with long term goals as well as weekly actions. You even can record journals and upload files to keep everything in one place.


"I am only about 5 weeks into the program but have achieved things professionally and privately I could not have imagined before the start of the mentoring process. Don't be misled by the very generous offer. This is a high value program, worth at least 8-10x the costs. I have paid USD 5'000 for other mentoring programs and although they too were worth their money, they did not provide as much value as Jamie's program does."

Fabian B.


"I've been working with Barking About Action for nearly 2 years now. Our weekly calls are critical to my success and holding me accountable to reach my goals. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to do big things!"

Rob L.