A Killer Morning Routine To Be Mega Successful – Tips & Tricks From An Accountability Coach

accountability productivity May 10, 2021
morning routine to be mega successful

How you feel in the morning determines how you feel for the rest of the day. If you have a fantastic morning routine that makes you feel lovely, you will be prepared to handle any situation. Equally, if your morning routine sucks and your struggle to even get out of bed – the tone for your day will start negatively. Your morning routine is crucial to your success. Below are some of the best accountability coach tips and tricks for having the perfect morning routine. 

 Wake up properly

The first thing you do after you wake up is critical. Checking your phone can lead to anxiety and doesn’t naturally ease your mind into the day. An accountability coach says the first thing you should do is drink a big glass of water. After a long sleep with no fluid, this will create the proper hydration vital to sustained energy levels, focus, and good health in general.

Waking your partner with a kiss can stimulate endorphins – making the feel-good chemicals flood your brain first thing in the morning. 

Cold Showers

You may have heard this one before. It is a famous morning routine that many successful people swear by. A cold shower in the morning has been proven to increase alertness, reduce stress and help with weight loss. While this may seem like a crazy idea to most people, it is an excellent way to test your resilience and train your brain to handle the pain (or cold). 

Breathe, move, or meditate

You don’t need to be a Buddhist Monk to benefit from this tip. An accountability coach will often do this with clients to centre them and help them find a calm and steady footing to start the day. Breathing and meditation are proven to reduce stress, increase focus and promote a feeling of ease and relaxation—what a great way to start the day. You could also use this as an opportunity to visualise the essential tasks for the day and how you plan to tackle them. 

The next hack on the habit coach list is stretching or yoga. This will get the blood flowing and will stimulate the connection between your body and mind. Whether it’s a child’s pose or a sun salute – you will benefit from this morning routine. 

Taking a morning walk

A morning walk is a fantastic way to get outdoors and get direct sunlight first thing in the morning. Not only will you get your body moving, but exposure to sunlight in the morning releases serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is the happy chemical responsible for feeling a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. 

Healthy breakfast

In the morning, try to stick to light foods such as a smoothie or fruit. Bread and meat can slow you down and make you feel lethargic starting your day. You want your digestive system to get the solid kick it needs in the morning.  

If you are struggling with your morning routine and need someone to help you tackle any of the above tasks, consider reaching out to Barking About Action. We are an online accountability coach service determined to help people be their best selves. With a solid morning routine and a productivity coach to help you through it, you will be unstoppable. If you are interested in enlisting the services of an accountability coach, then reach out today. 

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