Are You Ready To Check Things Off Your To-Do List?


Procrastinating and putting off things is easy. We know that.

Here’s how you can get things done without feeling under pressure!


It's No-More-Excuses O'Clock!

Stop procrastinating and get productive!

Barking About Action is an Accountability Coaching platform, helping thousands of people just like you escape the faltering lifestyles filled with lateness, postponing, and not showing up.

We are here to transform your inactivity into tangible results and instill long-lasting positive habits that unlock your full potential!

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Yourself

Supercharge Your Efficiency

Pick a productivity coach or go solo with our unique accountability-drilling content to overcome procrastination, stop waiting for tomorrow, and take action into your own hands. Finalize a long-overdue project or kickstart a new venture - whenever you need a productivity push, we're here to help!

Master The Lost Art Of Time Management

Learn beneficial techniques and set a schedule planning routine to ensure no task stays unaccomplished and no meeting unattended. Get in control of your time and portion it accordingly to guarantee maximum performance!

Become A Habitual Goal-Getter

Be your accountability coach or partner with one of our expert trainers to build your portfolio of positive habits and kick the unwanted ones to the curb. Start getting up at sunrise or quit smoking whatever you want to achieve, someone holding you accountable is the way to go!


All The Ingredients You Need For A Healthy Bowl Of Success

Whether you feel like you lack motivation in your personal or professional life, our team of expert accountability coaches will help you spark your inner ambitions, implement the tools to increase productivity, and help set up a plan of action. Choose the level of assistance you require, leverage the provided knowledge to do the work on your side, and take yourself from where you are today to where you want to be and beyond in no time.

Online Accountability Coaching

Perfect if you're looking for comprehensive and structured assistance in mastering your productivity, orchestrating your time, dividing tasks into categories, and implementing efficiency techniques to maximise your potential.

Pick one of our international team members, participate in weekly or daily exclusively video based coaching sessions, and receive a clear action plan and a constant assessment of your progress to reach your objectives.


Ideal for those lacking in the planning and organisation department.

Built from the ground up by our in house team of accountability coaches, Barking About Action's courses offer helpful tools and techniques to master time scheduling and duty assignment, as well as beneficial methods that help to eliminate distractions and sharpen your focus.


Designed with the DIY-ers in mind, Barking About Action's Workbooks are collections of exclusive content that fires up all the senses, fuels productivity, self-confidence, and inflates your working capacity.

Our practical Workbooks will help you set your goals, fix daily reminders, and organise your time with ease, providing beneficial templates and tools to set yourself up on the path of achievement.

Struggling To Come Up With Inspiring Journal Entries?

As avid planners and organisation maniacs, we are strong advocates of journaling.

A journal can be your place of order in the otherwise chaotic world, helping you concentrate, reminding you of the things you need to do, or even inspiring you to do more!

We've designed this eBook to help you spark your motivation with original Journal entries - use them anytime to empower yourself to do, get, and be MORE.

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A Word From Our Clients

Meg K.


Working with my coach is a fantastic blend of compassion and a kick up the bum. I've got so much done within such a short time and our weekly check-ins are invaluable. If you're looking for a friendly, compassionate and honest coach who's happy to say it like it is and encourage you to do the things you say you want to do, you won't be disappointed!

Rob L.


I've been working with Barking About Action for nearly 2 years now. Our weekly calls are critical to my success and holding me accountable to reach my goals. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to do big things!

Fabian B.


I am only about 5 weeks into the program but have achieved things professionally and privately I could not have imagined before the start of the mentoring process. Don't be misled by the very generous offer. This is a high value program, worth at least 8-10x the costs. I have paid USD 5'000 for other mentoring programs and although they too were worth their money, they did not provide as much value as Jamie's program does.

Our Latest Tips And Guidance

If you're still navigating your life searching for the key to success, we're happy to tell you - you've found it. After years of working with people looking for groundbreaking ways to outlive their potential and achieve more, we've come to the same outcome every time - all you need is the right attitude, perseverance, and the willingness to show up and do the work.

Browse our collection of helpful articles to shift your mindset in the right direction and start achieving!

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