Success Stacking Is The Key To Success – An Accountability Coach Secret

accountability productivity Apr 12, 2021
Accountability Coaching Success Stacking Secret

We’ve all heard that goals written down and more likely to be achieved. But have you heard about success stacking? Below we outline everything you need to know about this new movement and how an accountability coach can help you reap its rewards. 


The dopamine gap is affecting your success

Success stacking all comes down to the dopamine gap. It’s the gap between winning one goal and moving on to your next. You’re probably aware that dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with reward-motivated behaviour. When you check something off your list or achieve a goal, dopamine fires in your brain and makes you feel happy and fulfilled. 

Though, many people win one goal and instantly move onto the next – never actually looking at what you’ve accomplished. While your achievements aren’t properly celebrated, your brain doesn’t get the appropriate amount of dopamine associated with the win. Ask any online accountability coach, and they will tell you it’s fun and celebration that gives you the dopamine. 


Success stacking: Write down your goals & your wins

A habit coach will make you realise that the key here is not just writing your goals down but also writing your wins. Our written wins constantly remind us of prior success when we are deep in a hole of self-pity or defeat. While you may have learnt how to steamroll through it – you are more likely to take action with speed if you’re motivated. 


The Fogg Behaviour Model

This model displays three crucial aspects of successful behaviour. Motivation, ability, and a prompt must all occur, and when an action does not happen, you will notice one of the three missing. Even if you don’t celebrate a win for yourself, be sure to celebrate a victory for those around you. Your team of workers tirelessly getting the job done, constantly looking for motivation to feed progress. A productivity coach or an online accountability coach can often equip you with the tools and methods to make this happen. 


Habit coach for the win: how your memory helps

Famous Football coach Sir Alex Ferguson has won more trophies than any other manager in football history. He once said, “we had a virus that infected everyone at United. It was called winning.” His team began to expect the win and craved the dopamine hit and celebration that came with it. The celebration fuelled them to do better in every game. 

Increased emotional and physiological arousal enhances memory encoding and facilitating recall. You probably have a song that reminds you of a breakup or a smell that reminds you of your favourite holiday. Your heightened emotional state at the time made you more prone to recalling these scents and sounds. When we are fully engaged, we remember things. 

As an online accountability coach, I know it’s crucial to engage your senses with every win. Hear it, touch it, smell it, taste it. Make it a substantial part of your memory and get the dopamine hit you need to success stack!


Barking About Action is a collection of accountability coaches determined to help people be their best selves. We know success stacking and the way it can change your productivity and reshape your life. If you are interested in learning more, then reach out today. 

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