Meet Jamie

Accountability Coach

🇦🇺 Australia

An experienced entrepreneur and life coach helping you bridge the gap between that work and life balance.


Coaching Style

We all have it in ourselves to achieve great things. Jamie's job as a coach is to disrupt your thinking to let you see your own endless potential, to help you build a positive, resilient mindset, and then collaboratively create action plans that will see you achieve your goals.

He believes in challenging and stretching you, then supporting you to go out and create your own success.


He built his business from scratch to a multi-million-pound venture with a thriving motivated and engaged workforce.

He then took the decision to sell the business and move to the other side of the world with his wife and kids to start a new adventure.

His passion in business is the people. He has brought together teams that are open to challenge, growth, and engagement, making sure they hit professional and personal goals, and doing so whilst supporting each other and having fun.

Favourite Types of Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

Helping business owners keep on track with their business dreams.

Mindset Coaching & Growth

Rewiring your mindset, allowing you to be the very best version of yourself.

Habit & Routine Coaching

Establishing long lasting habits and powerful routines.



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Jamie H Accountability Coach

🟢 Has Availability

Timezone: AEST (GMT+11)

Working Hours:
Monday: 5pm to 3am
Tuesday: 1am to 4am
Wednesday: 11pm to 4am & 11am to 12pm
Thursday: Unavailable
Friday: 11am to 12pm

Nick A.


Really enjoy working with Jamie H - he truly cares about the work he's doing. It feels personal and he's actually looking out for my wellbeing. It's only been 2 sessions so far but I'm looking forward to the remaining 3 and beyond. Thank you, Jamie!!

Edrian M.


I just want to give my biggest props to coach Jamie H. He has been a phenomenal coach for me. He's actually doing more than accountability coaching for me...he's even giving me valuable insights about my business! Give this service a try for yourself if you want to go further with your goals. 👍

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Personality Profile

We like you to get to know your accountability coach at a personal level. 

Jamie is an Advocate (INFJ)

Advocates are the rarest personality types of all. Still, Advocates leave their mark on the world. They have a deep sense of idealism and integrity, but they aren’t idle dreamers – they take concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting impact.

Advocates’ unique combination of personality traits makes them complex and quite versatile. For example, Advocates can speak with great passion and conviction, especially when standing up for their ideals. At other times, however, they may choose to be soft-spoken and understated, preferring to keep the peace rather than challenge others.

Who is an Advocate?

An Advocate (INFJ) is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. Their inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled version of humanism guide them in all things.


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