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The Best Productivity Tools

If you are looking for some of the best tools and resources to make you a productivity master then check out our curated list of the best tools. 

All these resources we have personally read, used or still are using to this day. We recommend these to our clients all the time!

Freedom App

Need to block certain websites to shake bad habits? Looking for the best PC/Mac/iOS/Android app to reduce your distraction?

Then Freedom has you covered. This is a tool used by many of my clients to keep them focused on what is important.

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If you are struggling to avoid distraction and want to see where you time is 'actually' going, then this is a great app.

With real time track of you activity across all of your devices, this really will change the way you approach your work time.

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Daily Greatness Planner

I've used these business planners for over 2 years and I love them. Not only does it help you plan your business goals and strategy it keeps you focused on what you need to do to hit your goals.

If you're in the market for a new planner, don't look anywhere else.

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The best task management, planning and project planning app on the market.

This has been a 'game-changing' app that I use to not only map out my goals, track my projects, but also to run my weekly and daily planning. This is the first app where I've been able to seamlessly use my 4-3 productivity method.

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Self Journal

This 13-week goal planner, backed by science and success psychology, is designed to optimize your day, tackle your goals, and live a more fulfilled life.

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Habit Roadmap

A visual tool to establish good habits and make success inevitable. 

Train yourself to take consistent daily actions that lead you to success. Never forget your commitment to building good habits by checking off each day and creating a winning streak. Pack includes 6-months worth of tracking to build positive habits that last.

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Learn how to master your weekly and daily planning

All the theory and templates that you need to level up your productivity.

The same method we teach as part of our coaching programs.

Bookworms Unite

Our Recommended Reading

Our coaching is based on many principles that we’ve learned over the years. Many of those come from great authors that have written about their own experiences.

These recommended productivity books will help give you that edge, plus give you an excuse to plant your head in a book for a few hours!

Deep Work

Learn to block out life's many distractions with the useful advice and tips inside this book

Many of our clients have had amazing success in reducing phone distractions after reaching this.

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How To Save An Hour Every Day

One of Coach Jamie's favourite reads.

Inside the book the author includes real tools that you can use to assess and alter the way your approach your day and how you handle your time.

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High Performance Habits

This book claims to make you extraordinary through a simple set of habits. We have to agree, there are some amazing recommendations inside this book.

It should definitely be on everyone's shelf.

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Productivity Ninja

Coach Jay's favourite read about how to break through today's infinite world of distraction and get shit done.

With a focus on tackling issues head-on and dealing with common problems like "Inbox Zero".

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